High Ridge church of Christ "Leah is a gifted and passionate speaker. But, far more valuable, she speaks out of a powerful life that is daily being changed by her Savior. Authentic ministry that flows out of a changed life is a rare sight in today's Christian culture. A changed life desires to tell others Who has brought the change. This is her gift and her calling, I believe. I recommend few people for the work of ministry to other ministries. Leah is someone I wholeheartedly support."
John Ryan, Senior Pastor, Summit Community Church

"Leah's lesson was warm, inviting and a true blessing for our Ladies Retreat. I left with an uplifted Christian spirit and a renewed yearning to be more Christ like."
Sue Crumbaugh, High Ridge Church of Christ Leadership Committee and retreat attendee (2005)

"I have known Leah for over five years and have watched God transform her into a leader of women. She is a multi-talented woman with a humble, teachable spirit. Her desire to glorify God is evident in every area of her life. Leah has a great passion... passion to grow in her own personal walk with the Lord, and then to take other women with her in spiritual growth."
Linda Douchant, Teaching Leader, St. Charles County Women's BSF (2006).

"Leah is an amazing inspirational speaker! She spoke to our Teen MOPS Group and shared God's love for them in a way that really opened their eyes. It gave them a glimpse of God's pursuit of them and insight to what is pleasing to Him. Leah's talk has created discussions with our teen moms that might not have taken place without her openness and willingness to share God with them. It is clearly a passion that is a gift from God."
Tricia Paddock, Teen MOPS Leadership Team

"Leah has a spirit for God that is plainly visible, and her enthusiasm and desire to share the Word is inspirational. She presents herself in a professional manner, and her warmth toward everyone was contagious. Before even the first hour of the first night was over, we all felt as if we had known her for years."
Charlotte Wagner, retreat attendee

"Leah brings a fresh realness to the walk of the Christian life. She brings energy, life, and a sense of adventure to make you want to walk the walk......not just talk it. She makes it very clear that she is still learning and growing as a wife, mother, friend, and Christian. She may not have all the answers, but she certainly knows the One who does! She is the kind of woman that you wish lived next door!"
Terri Ronk, Grace Bible Church Spring Retreat attendee (2009)

"Leah was knowledgeable, confident and captured our attention. I really enjoyed her lessons and left feeling like I could apply her teachings to my own life."
Sandy Boyer, retreat attendee (2005)

"Leah speaks to women with honesty, humor and insight. After every session I took away many truths to ponder. She is like the sister you never had, or the best friend you wish you had. I enjoyed her transparent take on marriage and child-raising, always keeping Christ at the center of it all!"
Joan Dabrowski, Grace Bible Retreat attendee

"At the conclusion of our retreat it was the consensus of not only the Committee, but all in attendance, that Leah's teaching had been one of the best we had had in the 15 years (+) that we have been having them, and we all felt that we had come away with a renewed spirit. Her lesson was all we had hoped for, and more. It is our opinion that any group to which Leah speaks will be truly blessed, and we are very pleased to offer our highest recommendation."
Ladies Retreat Committee, High Ridge Church of Christ



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