Today's culture is full of skewed messages to women that promote worldly priorities and attitudes. It is more important than ever that Christian women of all ages are presented with a clear picture of what characteristics God values in a woman. Leah's desire is to challenge and equip women to be all that God created them to be, and to experience the incredible joy that flows from a life devoted to His plan. Truly a teacher at heart, she is an energetic speaker who loves to inspire women to "run the race" and "press on toward the goal!"

Leah's Biography

After accepting Christ as her Savior at age fourteen, Leah spent the next eleven years as a "loose cannon." She had many spiritual yearnings, but little direction. After sampling a myriad of spiritual ideas that the college scene had to offer, she finally realized that what The Lord wanted from her was total surrender to His Lordship. As He asked her to lay down every part of her life and confess Him as "Lord of all of it," things began to change. She married husband Michael Pruitt in 1996 and they are now the parents of three children, sons Slade and Seth, and daughter Eden. In addition to teaching women's retreats, Leah has been a homeschool mom and is an accomplished artist. She is the owner of Design Studios and enjoys painting anything from large murals to canvas tennis shoes and wooden plaques. Michael is employed as a Manager of Data Communications at WirelessUSA in St. Louis. He is also the Founder and President of Christian Sport Bike Racing, whose members serve as Racetrack Chaplains all over the nation. Together, Michael and Leah have led numerous Bible Studies in their home and have served as leaders of small groups in their church.

Leah served on the Women's Ministry Team at Summit Community Church from 2000 to 2002. Leah is currently part of St. Charles County BSF where she has served both as a Children's Leader and Discussion Group Leader. She has taught numerous Bible Studies through her church over the past ten years.

Leah's Work

Leah is the author a 16 week Bible study on the Book of Romans entitled "Because All Have Sinned." She is currently writing a devotional book for children ages 3 to 5 called "Big Faith for Little Hearts."

Leah has a BFA degree and is working towards a Masters degree with an emphasis in Biblical Studies through Trinity Theological Seminary.

Leah has been a guest speaker for numerous events nationwide. She is available to teach Retreats, Seminars, or one day events. Call her for your next Women's Event! Recent presentations include:

    Are you stressed out, frazzled, pulled in a hundred different directions? Have you tried all kinds of things to help yourself unwind -- medication, vacation, meditation, you name it -- all with little lasting effects? Then this talk is for you! Leah reveals how time spent with The Lord each day will calm and refocus you.

    Does the "S" word send a chill up your spine? Leah openly shares her own struggles in this frank discussion concerning the hurdles we all face with submitting to God, as well as to husbands. With an emphasis on the often overlooked and unexpected rewards submission brings, this is a much needed message for today's Christian women.

    This is a celebration of womanhood and all the different hats women wear throughout a lifetime. Perfect for a Mother's Day Event, this presentation is relevant for all ages, from adolescents to grandmothers. It's choc-full of hats, humor & holy wisdom from God's Word.

    You can lead a horse to water . . . As mothers, we long for our children to have a lifelong, intimate relationship with The Lord, but it's impossible for us to do it for them. While it may be true that we cannot "make them drink," Leah provides practical ways in which we can cause our children to thirst for God. Making the most of every opportunity is like putting salt in their oats.

    Jesus is always beckoning us to follow Him. The question is if it's dark or unfamiliar, will we go? This is an uplifting talk designed to encourage women to respond when God calls them to serve Him outside of their comfort zone. Miracles happen when we walk with Him in abandonment.

    In today's culture, modesty and purity are not held in high regard. Instead, we are bombarded with sensuality, promiscuity, and immodesty whether it be in television, magazines, or music. It is not wrong to desire to be attractive... what has gotten messed up is WHAT we think is attractive, and why. In this session, we will discuss what God calls "beautiful," the dangers of buying in to the world-view of beauty, and practical ways we can apply these truths to our lives. Come prepared for frank discussion and challenging teaching, as well as a few laughs along the way! You will leave feeling loved by your Creator and have a fresh perspective on the lost virtue of modesty.

Leah's bold, refreshing style motivates others to develop the spiritual endurance and stamina needed for a life of victory. Through real life application and a touch of humor, her passion for Truth will stir the faith of any audience. For honest and relevant Biblical teaching, contact Endurance Ministries for your next event!